When one episode is not enough!

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If you enjoy re-enactment crime shows on Investigation Discovery then you will definitely enjoy the British miniseries Murder Maps. The docu-drama series goes back in time to expose some of Britain’s most shocking and scandalous murder cases in history. Murder Maps goes into how early forensics helped Britain bring some of their most brutal cases to justice.

The episodes cover brutal British crimes that you may not have heard of. The first episode, The Bermondsey Horror, reveals the story of a man that suddenly went missing. When they find his body, they determine that he has been brutally murdered. The murder gets so much press attention that even Charles Dickens gets hypnotized by the case.

In the episode entitled “In The Shadow of Jack,” a man named George Chapman is poisoning people while Jack The Ripper was ripping apart prostitutes. See how early forensics lead to the capture of one of the most elusive and conniving killers Britain has ever seen. Another episode explores the case of Dr. Crippen who thought burying his wife in the basement would help him elude police capture. However, what would soon be considered modern day detective work brings this cold-blooded killer to justice. The last episode is by far one of the most shocking episodes as it introduces you to George Smith, a man with many aliases and equally many dead wives.

Unfortunately, the show only has 4 hour-long episodes. The episodes are so riveting and so engaging that you’re going to wish there were many more!