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A quirky crime show with the dry British humor loved by all, Midsomer Murders brings that and much more to the table. Themed after Caroline Graham’s “Chief Inspector Barnaby” book series, Midsomer Murders takes place in several small English villages set in the English country of Midsomer. The main character ‘Inspector Barnaby’, a modern-day detective, deals with the day-to-day melodramatic, and more often than not, eccentric crimes committed by characters varying in stature from the gentry to laborers and vagabonds.

These picturesque and quaint villages’ secrets are uncovered during the hour and thirty minute shows. Barnaby’s straight face compliments the ridiculous, and often dark-humored scenes scattered throughout the seasons. With his proper English ways, Barnaby brings the nostalgic era of a modern gentleman back to British television. With his ever-changing, young, often good-looking, side kick, ‘Detective Sergeant’, the show will draw more mature viewers as well as have something to offer the younger crowd. Part way into the series, the original inspector Tom Barnaby retires and the role is replaced by his cousin, another DCI John Barnaby, who brings the addition of his younger, pretty wife, a new baby, and the ever-popular hound. A bit quicker to smile, Barnaby number two, fits well into the show, the episodes becoming a bit lighter at this turn.

Viewers try to figure out who “did it” right alongside both Barnabys as they sleuth their way to the end. Viewers will be exposed to modern day scenarios, and although death and murder are in every episode, the viewing screen rarely portrays graphic violence. English humor is interwoven throughout the story line as is so popular in the genre of cozy mysteries. Viewers of the popular show, Murder She Wrote, will find themselves glued to this series watching episode after episode. With 117 episodes spanning over 19 seasons, this binge-worthy British show will keep you entertained.

Time Commitment: 19 Seasons

Why It’s Worth The Binge: Tongue in cheek comedy? Check. A witty main character that never grows old? Check. Enough episodes to keep you busy on a long weekend? Check! Midsomer Murders will not disappoint.

-Jonna Feavel