When one episode is not enough!

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BBC produces some amazing shows through masterpiece theater, but this just might be their best one yet. Place of Execution is an amazing psychological thriller based off of the award-winning novel by famous author Val Mcdermid. This two-part series will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride you’ve never been before. Place of Execution is told through both the past and the present which makes it very hard to tell what are lies and what is truth. On a cold night in 1963 a little girl takes her dog for a walk through the moors is Scardale. The girl is never seen again. A young hot shot Detective Inspector named George Bennett is eager to take on his first missing persons case so he can prove himself to his new boss. This investigation may lead to a superstar career, but he has to solve this daunting missing persons case first.

Bennett becomes so obsessed with the missing person’s case that he finds enough evidence to have his lead suspect hanged. Bennett is known as a hero in Scardale, the only problem is that the body of the girl is never found and that has always left a shadow over the entire investigation. Four decades later filmmaker Catherine Heathcote decides to film a documentary featuring Bennett and the infamous case. Heathcote doesn’t expect to find anything unusual, but as the filming goes on, sinister secrets surrounding the disappearance begins to pour out. Catherine has a hard time understanding why the questions that were answered so well forty years ago, don’t have the same answered now. Heathcote is blindsided when she finds out she may have more to do with the disappearance all those years ago than she thought. If you think you know how this story ends, thinks again!

Although the show originally aired in 2 parts, it is available on Amazon Prime to be watched in one sitting. If you like unrelenting thrillers that never give you the chance to breath in boredom, then Place of Execution is perfect to watch on a lazy night at home!