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Marcella is a foreign drama Netflix original that has many detective show lovers buzzing. With many people comparing it to the British show Luther, the show makes it very hard to pull away from, after the first episode. Marcella opens with a woman quickly sitting up straight, naked and bloody in a bathtub. The woman doesn’t seem to know where she is or why she is there. The program then flashes back 12 hours to before the woman we will soon know as Marcella, enters into her frightening situation.

To put it nicely, Marcella is a hot mess! Her husband recently left her and there are no signs that he is coming back. Her children blame her for the split and she is simply not ready to let the marriage go. While she’s taking time off work, her boss presents her with a case that echoes a past case she worked on. Feeling like this is what will get her going again, Marcella jumps back into work and decides to throw herself into catching a serial killer.

However, things quickly get worst when Marcella decides to confront the woman she thinks is having a relationship with her recently separated husband. The first episode concludes with Marcella waking up in the bathtub bloodied. We’re then brought right back to where we began. The show’s pilot makes you instantly want to watch more and find out what Marcella did to the woman she thinks ruined her life. As the series goes on, you soon learn Marcella suffers from blackouts during times of stress that leaves her unable to remember what she did. She doesn’t remember what happened when she confronted Grace (the woman dating her husband) because of her illness. All she remembers is waking up bleeding in a bathtub. Soon Marcella finds out that the woman is missing and she’s afraid of what she might have done.

This show is not as brooding and slow paced as other British detective shows. There is nothing flashy about this show, but it does have enough plot twists to keep things very interesting. Marcella is a messy and complicated character. She has a lot of good traits, but she also has some things seriously wrong with her. She has a hair-trigger temper and blacking out when she’s stressed is making her life extremely complicated. All of the actors and their performances are extremely strong. The best thing about this show is that the characters are complicated and feel like they could be any of us. The first addictive season is only 8 episodes long with each one being 45 minutes so it will be easy for you to finish this show in a day or two. It is adult, but does tend to shy away from any gratuitous language or sex. There are some hard-hitting violence and gore so, this show is not for the faint of heart.

You can stream this pulse-pounding drama on Netflix.

– Janiera Eldridge

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