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If you love watching amazing creatures from all over the world live their crazy lives, then you have to watch the BBC miniseries, Life Story. This documentary series follows creatures from all over the world as they embark on intriguing as well as dangerous journeys throughout their lives. Each episode explores important times in animal’s lives such as courtship, parenthood, the fight for power and even the struggles of being a little animal baby in a big world. With exciting cinematography and fast-paced music, this nature show s never boring. It’s really fascinating to see how exciting an animal’s life can be from birth to death. Any fan of BBC’s powerful nature documentaries will want to add this to their watch list.

After the original 6 episodes of the series, there are also 6 10-minute behind the scene episodes that show you how some of the show’s most exciting scenes were filmed. Since the children are out of school, this is a great time for the family to sit down and watch a series like this. If you want to skip the long and hotlines at the zoo this summer, but still want your kids to have an educational experience, watch Life Story with them and watch their eyes light up as they discover a new and exciting world going on all around them!

All 12 episodes can be streamed on Netflix.