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If you thought that Canadian TV couldn’t get as low down, dirty and offensive as American television, then think again! Kevin Spencer is an adult animated television show developed by Greg Lawerence. The show revolves around a 14 year-old boy named Spencer who is apparently a chain-smoking alcoholic, who is also addicted to cough syrup and is a juvenile delinquent. Oh, did I mention he is a sociopath? He lives with his parents who are also alcoholic chain-smokers. They’re also grossly over weight. They don’t pay very much attention to Kevin or his very promiscuous sister. His parents spend all their time trying to figure out how to steal drugs and alcohol. Now you see where little Kevin gets it from.
Things get much scarier when you meet Allen The Magic Goose who encourages Kevin’s idiopathic behavior and pushed him to do illegal and dangerous things. This show is considered very controversial in Canada and never made its way on to American television. If you were going to compare any American show to Kevin Spencer however, it’s right up there with South Park and Family Guy. If you’re easily offended by these types of shows then stay far away from this one!

However, if you like your comedy full of social commentary, dipped in satire and soaked in darkness, kevin Spencer is for you! Tuck the kiddies into bed before binge watching this one because this show is not for the little ones! Kevin Spencer is a 30-minute show that aired for 6 seasons. You can view the first 2 seasons on Hulu.