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The fact this British drama has an American lead, isn’t the only thing unique about Hit & Miss. Actress Chloe Sevigny plays a preoperative hit woman who suddenly gets a major surprise. She conceived a son with her ex-girlfriend and is now faced with having to raise him. Yes, it sounds like a trashy soap opera, but the show is handled in such a delicate and intricate way that it makes for brilliant television.

The hit woman now must deal with her job of killing people and trying to raise a young son as transgender woman. Is it really possible to do both? The premise of the show may seem outrageous, but it’s actually no more than a very intense family drama. The series doesn’t focus the entire time on the fact that the lead character is transgender. Just like in real life, the gender aspect of the character is very small compared to other crazy things going on her life.

It doesn’t take serious brain power to watch this series, but it does demand your time, patience, and attention in order to appreciate such a well crafted and unique tale. If your looking for something different and British, Hit & Miss is your next binge watching pleasure.

You can stream the show on Netflix.