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Southcliffe is a dark British drama produced by Netflix that takes a look at the dark side of small town living. There are plenty of movies about the dark side of American small towns, but if you’re looking for something different then Southcliffe has a new perspective to offer you. A journalist comes back to the small town he was raised in so that he can cover the story of a mass shooting that happened there. Not only does the journalist deal with the grieving town residents, he also deals with the dark secrets that’s uncovered. What dark secrets will he uncover about his own childhood?

This show can be very moody and sometimes down right depressing, but it is a an interesting inside look in to what hidden secrets can do to people. The performances of the cast are heartfelt and indulgent. The show only ran for one season, but it is one season that is hard to forget. This series proves even the darkest secrets always come to life.

Southcliffe is a Netflix original and exclusive.