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You may not think of Canada as foreign television but, it is! Believe it or not, they make excellent adult animated shows and Fugget About It is no exception. Fugget About It is the hilarious tale of former New York mob boss Jimmy Falcone. Falcone is asked to go and whack his good ole’ Uncle Cheech who likes to talk about the mob a little too much. Falcone goes to his boss Don Gambini to plead for his Uncle’s life. When that doesn’t work he throws Gambini right out of a window!

Now all of New York’s mob crew is looking for him so, in order to keep him and his family safe, Falcone rats out all his mob friends to the Feds in order to enter the witness protection program. The Falcones now have to move to a small cramped town in Canada. The Falcones are now the MacDougals who are struggling to go from glamorous gangsters to pretty much nobodies. This show is totally politically incorrect and full of mob stereotypes. Jimmy Falcone is a fat, cigar smoking ex-mob boss who looks like something right out of an episode of The Sopranos. His wife is loud-mouthed, big breasted and totally in support of her off the wall husband. Their oldest daughter dresses sexy talks loudly ( like the rest of her family) and throws up just to stay thin. She’s as shallow as a kiddie pool and the complete opposite of their younger daughter. Their younger daughter is a tough, mannish looking little girl who wouldn’t mind being a mob boss herself. The Falcone’s younger son, however, is a black sheep. He cares more about hugging trees than protecting himself against local bullies. Jimmy has a long way to go before he can convince his son to be a true Falcone.

36 episodes of this hilarious show are currently streaming on Netflix and with them only being 25 minutes each, Fugget About It is pure inappropriate animated fun. This cartoon show is not for the kiddies, however, so make sure the adults in your home are the only ones watching it.