When one episode is not enough!

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This British television show, Fortitude, has one of the most amazing landscapes you will ever see on television. Filmed in breathtaking HD, you can practically feel the unbelievable cold creeping down your neck. The series Fortitude takes place in the Arctic town of Fortitude that’s different from any other place on earth. The polar landscape is what cheesy tourist postcards are made out of. The show was shot on location and every peek you get of Fortitude is beautiful. Whether the scene takes place in the middle of a gray, cold day or at night with the northern lights casting a beautiful green glow over the town, there is almost always something dazzling on the screen.

However, the further you get into season 1, the more you will realize that Fortitude isn’t going in the direction that you think. The town of Fortitude is a close-knit and very unique community. They have never had a violent crime in the entire town. All that changes when a research scientist is killed at his home. At first, many suspect it might be the result of someone being killed by a bear. It doesn’t take long, however, for the police to figure out this isn’t true. Everyone in the community is terrified by the fact that murder has reached their community. What they don’t know is that as the temperatures grow above-average, there’s something horrifying that will emerge from Fortitude’s Frozen landscape. Secrets can’t stay buried for long.

Fortitude starts out with what seems like a standard cop drama but then evolves into a shocking bio-horror show. To divulge any more about this unique show would just spoil all the gruesome fun. The characters are taught, but subtle. The entire cast works together to produce a story that doesn’t have much filler but chooses to focus on a more solid style of storytelling as well.

Fortitude is made up of 12 episodes that average 45 minutes each. Fortitude is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.