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It’s a shame that Empress in the Palace didn’t make it past its first season which aired in 2011. Not only is the acting excellent and the plot line engaging, the cinematography is absolutely gorgeous. If you’re a fashionista or appreciate good costume design in a show, you’re going to want to start streaming this right away. Empresses in The Palace is set in 1722 during the Qing Dynasty which make for a very captivating drama. This dazzling period piece manages to blend love, scandal, betrayal, and politics into a seamless storyline. The series follows the Imperial Harem which is the world of the Emperor and his many women. There is always plenty of drama to go around. These women are nothing like reality television housewives, they will do whatever it takes to win the Emperor’s heart and become his main wife.

Although the language in the show is Mandarin, Amazon Prime does provide English subtitles for the show. Each episode is an hour and a half which is not something you would usually find on American television. It does, however, allow for more thorough storytelling and plot development. The series starts off with you being introduced to the emperor of the Qing Dynasty and his very complicated Harem. One of his powerful woman Hau Fei begins her battle against the new women of harem Zhen Huan. From the first episode, you will see just how far the women will go to get the emperors attention. Deceptive actions like fake pregnancies and lying are all normal occurrences in this crowded palace.

When the most powerful woman in the harem finally gets her wish and gets Zhen Huan banished from the palace, Huan finds love somewhere else, with the emperor’s brother. From there, things get even more exciting and twisted I was truly blown away by how great the acting was. Even though there are many characters in this show, Empresses in The Palace has such great writing that you still feel interested in each character and their journey throughout the show. Those that love foreign movies will love this show because it has a very movie-like feel.

Even though this foreign show only lasted 6 episodes. It is said to be one of the best Asian shows ever on television due it’s sweeping cinematography and high level of drama. Empresses in The Palace can be streamed on Amazon Prime.