When one episode is not enough!

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Created by the BBC, the anthology based sci-fi show has had everyone talking since it was uploaded to Netflix. The show only consists of 2 seasons which are 3 episodes each, but once you see them, you will never forget them! The very first episode is entitled The National Anthem. The story line is about a part of the royal family being kidnapped. The only way the prime minister can get her back is by having sex with a pig on live television in front of the entire world.

Oh yeah, and that’s just the first episode. With the second season being a bit of a hit-and-miss (with the stand out episode being the jaw dropping White Bear), the first season is sure to get you hooked! This is not your mother’s Twilight Zone (although it is equally as amazing as the original Twilight Zone). The show has very uncomfortable topics and scenes. Take the first episode for example. If the possibility of seeing someone humiliate themselves by having sex with a pig on TV disturbs you, then this show isn’t for you. However, if you like satire about our twisted modern lives soaked in dark themes than this show is for you.

It’s the perfect show to watch during the Halloween season even though it’s not exactly horror. The themes are so dark it fits in with this time of year perfectly. It goes without saying that the show has violence, sex and other mature themes that make it very adult. Now is also the perfect time to watch it as it was just announced that Netflix has picked up the show for a 3rd season and will begin filming it very soon. Catch up on this must see series now before season 3 hits Netflix!