When one episode is not enough!

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Sure, there is an American version of this show but as usual, the U.K. Version is better! There have been many stories about roommates over the years but never one like this. Meet the strange supernatural creatures of Bristol England. These seemingly normal young people could live right next door to you. In a normal English apartment lives a very reluctant werewolf, a brooding vampire who hates killing women for their blood and a ghost with a lot of unfinished business. These three have some wild adventures while trying to appear normal at the same time. The difference between the American version and the U.K. version is that the U.K. version is more raw and brooding. There is still the same amount of humor mixed with creepy creatures and the characters are just as lovable (if not more). Sexy, scary and witty Being Human (U.K.Version) is a must see for people who love British dramas and are looking for a supernatural flare to go with it. Both the U.K. And American version are currently available on Netflix.