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The BBC produced horror based show Bedlam feels like it stepped right off the airwaves of the American channel The CW. The glossy supernatural show follows a cast of young, good looking people as they try to uncover the mysteries of living in an asylum-turned apartment building. The premise sounds pretty far fetched within itself, but it does make for some great guilty pleasure television. The stories, nor the dialogue, is that deep but it doesn’t stop the show from being very entertaining. All of the show’s leads are very body beautiful. The male lead in-particular serves as great eye-candy, although his acting skills are sub-par.

If you like plenty of sex with your scares than this is the show to watch. There’s plenty of drama surrounding who is sleeping with who and who wants to sleep with who. It’s amazing any of the characters have time to deal with the paranormal dealings that surround them every day. While some story lines are neatly wrapped up at the end of each episode, some story lines stretch throughout the entire season. Bedlam does not have the gritty, dark feel that many BBC shows are known for. Instead, it feels more like a British show fighting hard to be like an American horror show. This type of story telling should work for those who prefer more American horror. The special effects are done very well and are used appropriately to deliver sudden shocks and heart pounding moments.

Although this show is very cliche, it some how works. Each episode gets better and better before it ends in a great cliffhanger ending. The show has never officially been canceled, but since there hasn’t been any episodes released since 2012 it’s safe to say the show may not come back anytime soon. Seasons 1 and 2 can be streamed on