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Foreign Focus: The Aliens

With all of the political talk these days about illegal or even legal immigration, the plot line of the BBC series The Aliens is pretty brilliant. The series starts off 40 years after aliens have crash-landed in the UK. The aliens live beside humans relatively safely, but they don’t actually live beside humans. Yes, they live on earth, but they live in their own ghetto that is heavily guarded. They actually live in a walled up section of town.

A young man named Lewis works as a border guard keeping aliens and humans separate. One day while pursuing dangerous criminals, he finds out that he’s part alien himself and things get real messy as Lewis tries to keep this side of himself secret from his fellow border guards.

The first season is only 6 episodes long, but it does take 1 or 2 episodes to get into the series. It’s a comedy/drama that leans very heavily towards the comedy genre. The political message The Aliens tries to get across is done in a heartfelt and non-intrusive way. It is very clear what they’re trying to say: it’s easy to judge people when you’re not them, but what if you had to walk a mile in their shoes?

Like many British TV series, there is no glitz or glamour about this show. There is no Hollywood sheen and the characters feel extremely real. Lewis is pretty relatable as you watch him struggle with finding out that he is something he didn’t know he was. It makes you think about how you would react to a situation like that. I found myself laughing and thinking throughout this entire show because it’s more than just an offbeat comedy with some smutty humor. It’s not wholesome, but it is not too filthy either. It’s an edgy comedy about putting long-believed prejudices behind you in order to discover who you really are.

You can quickly binge watch season 1 as it contains 6, 40-minute episodes, and can be streamed on Hulu.

– Janiera Eldridge
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