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Absolutely Fabulous managed to have 6 seasons over 12 years and it is not hard to see why fans of this show always came back for more of it’s outrageous humor. Actress Jennifer Sunders stars as a flamboyant, fashion-obsessed “mother” named Edina. She’s a completely irresponsible middle-aged adult who thinks life is just one big party. Her friend Patsy is even more outrageous and cares about nothing, but herself. Edina’s poor daughter Saffron is considered by her mother to be stuffy and too conservative, but Saffron just wants her mother to act normal for a while.

Absolutely Fabulous produced by the BBC won multiple-television awards for it’s comedic genius and snappy dialogue. This comedic series raised a mix of criticism and praise. Many people accused the show of glamorizing empty decadence. However, the creators of the show said the real purpose was to make fun of people with excessive lifestyles and to portray what happens when they don’t know when to let things go. Although Edina’s daughter can come across as a bit of a stick in the mud, she’s the only person in her mother’s life with a moral compass.

Regardless of this show’s purpose, Absolutely Fabulous is a guilty pleasure filled with raw and British humor. If you think of the characters of Gossip Girl in 30 years, this is the funny show you’d get because these characters are completely ridiculous…and completely fabulous!

Absolutely Fabulous was on 6 seasons with a total of 36 episodes. Each episode is only 29 minutes long which makes for a light and casual binge watching experience. The show is currently streaming on Hulu in the International TV show section.