When one episode is not enough!

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A twisted crime thriller driven by the insanely dark and inspirational works of Edgar Allan–say no more, I’m in and so are you. The Following is your next go-to Netflix binge for this Throwback Thursday. Starring Kevin Bacon (Tremors, Footloose), Connie Neilsen (Wonder Woman, Gladiator), Shawn Ashmore (Frozen, X-Men) and James Purefoy (Resident Evil, A Knight’s Tale), The Following is a unique and addicting blend of Edgar Allan Poe fandom mixed with the adventurous and suspenseful nature of a titillating detective series.


Facing off in a carnage-fueled game of cat and mouse, Detective Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon), races to put an end to the reign of terror set forth by his nemesis, serial killer Joe Carroll (James Purefoy), who has escaped after eight years of incarceration. Already nefarious for the Poe inspired killings of 14 coeds from the very campus he was a professor at, Joe Carroll is back and this time his plan is even more sinister as it has webbed it’s way into the minds of his very dedicated and vicious group of loyal followers. With every intention of exacting his revenge on those who stood in his way eight years ago via the hands of his cult members, Joe has set forth a chain of events not even the best and brightest at the FBI could see coming. With the help of his partner Mike Weston (Shawn Ashmore, X-Men 2) and his niece, Max (Jessica Stroup, Iron Fist), Detective Ryan Hardy will not rest until he takes down Joe Carroll and every last one of his followers for good.

Personally I think every season is worth watching, however I would be utterly lying if I said they were all equally as good. Due to the decline in ratings as each of the three seasons were airing The Following was cancelled after three seasons – something I feel helped to maintain the integrity of the series. The first season is by far my favorite as I am totally guilty of being a hardcore horror fan and this season has the most jump scares, best kill scenes and an abundance of Edgar Allan Poe themes and imagery that are significantly less prevalent in the later seasons.

Are you ready to tango with Detective Ryan Hardy and the elusive and maniacal cult leader Joe Carroll? Let us know your thoughts on The Following in the comment section below and stay tuned for our interview with The Following siren Connie Nielson on her role in the second season, her recent part as Hippolyta in the blockbuster, Wonder Woman, as well as a sneak peak into her upcoming film, The Confessions.

Time Commitment: 3 seasons


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