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When looking for off-the-wall or overlooked television series and movies, it often takes thumbs and nerves of steel in order to browse everything the streaming giants have to offer. Not to mention, when you have a room full of fellow viewers rapidly losing their patience as you continue the numbing journey of finding something to watch on Netflix or Hulu, its good to have some help when looking for something that’s not necessarily in the featured spotlight of binge-worthy TV shows or hidden gems with movies. Fortunately, there is help the likes of FilmRise. is a television and movie acquisition company that directs viewers to these aforementioned obscure TV series and movies. The website is relatively new, so while their TV and movie showcases are not necessarily extensive, the site and their collection are growing. In terms of television, there are several reality series such as the complete series of Women Behind Bars, Deals from the Darkside, First Date, and The Hunt.

With movies, the selection is a bit larger, with many classic westerns and action movies, including a number of Charles Bronson flicks and some early John Wayne westerns like West of the Divide. There are also some older family friendly films like Operation Dalmatian and My Brother The Pig, starring a young Scarlett Johansson, as well as a few entertaining nature documentaries.

In addition to aggregating these little known TV series and movies, FilmRise also has a blog detailing behind-the-scenes stories for iconic movies along with covering cult classics and controversial films available to stream. And for the horror hounds, there’s a solid selection of B-Horrors and independent horror films, along with a classic or two, such as An American Werewolf in London.

If you’re just wondering what’s good or different at the theaters this weekend, there is also an ‘In Theaters’ section detailing overlooked independent films playing at movie theaters.

So to save you time digging through the countless streaming services yourself for retro movies, B-movie horror flicks, independent films, and cult classics, without things being overwhelming, FilmRise is a good place to start!

– Josh Price
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