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Expedition Unknown
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Moving off of his time on SyFy’s Destination Truth, in which he and a team of explorers would try to hunt down crypto zoological creatures, Josh Gates is back for a more grounded series with Travel Channel’s Expedition Unknown. In the series, Gates travels around the globe, often to remote locations in order to get to the bottom of some of history’s greatest mysteries. Expeditions include searching for the City of Gold in Peru, Viking sunstones in Norway, a fabled samurai sword of power in Japan, and attempting to get to the bottom of the vampire legend in Romania. Gates introduces each episode with the following statement: “My name is Josh Gates. With a degree in archaeology and a passion for exploration, I have a tendency to end up in some very strange situations. My travels have taken me to the ends of the Earth as I investigate the greatest legends in history. This is…Expedition Unknown.”

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Time Commitment: 2 Seasons