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[UPDATE] The big night is this Sunday, September 18th at 5 PM PDT on ABC! Find the full list of nominations here.

So, the Emmy nominations list just came out and it’s full of exciting and diverse content this year! This year is honestly the first year I’m excited to see who takes home the night’s biggest awards. Since there are so many great shows being nominated, here are my personal recommendations for the shows you need to watch before the 2016 Emmy nominations air. This list features shows that are not as popular as the other shows in their category in hopes that you’ll discover something new and exciting to watch.

1. Mr. Robot (Best Drama Series)

I recently wrote an article on this excellent show and here I am talking about it again. Mr. Robot is a series getting plenty of critical acclaim, but I don’t hear a lot of people talking ‘bout it around the water cooler. The show follows a young (and very strange) hacker that’s a vigilante by night but works for a digital security company by day. Although some of the dialogue can be very heavy, Mr. Robot is done with such style and originality that you won’t mind listening a little closer to all of the craziness going on! Actor Rami Malek (who is also nominated for an Emmy) really makes the show, as a hacker you both admire and fear. You can stream all 10, 25-minute episodes on Amazon Prime.

2. Black-ish (Best Comedy Series)

If you like modern family, but are looking for something a little more edgy and smart, might I suggest Black-ish. Black-ish follows a successful black family living in the suburbs of America and dealing with the racial stereotypes placed upon them. This show is brilliant in the way they deal with such hard-hitting topics in both a comedic and dramatic tone. This is a great show to watch with your kids, especially if you’re not Africa-American, you could learn a lot from this show. You can stream all 25, 30-minute episodes of season 2 on Hulu.

3. Roots (Best Limited Series)

Although this miniseries didn’t receive nearly as much attention as the original Roots did when it aired in the 1970s, the reboot of the Roots series was actually quite spectacular. From the cinematography and excellent wardrobe to the sweeping music and excellent acting, this miniseries is a show every American should watch. No matter how ugly you think slavery is, it is a part of what built America and should never be ignored. This show is currently not available for streaming, but the DVD will be released on August 23, 2016 which is plenty of time to binge the 4 part miniseries before the Emmy award show.

4. American Crime (Best Limited Series)

Why more people don’t watch this show is beyond me, but trust me, after you watch one episode of American Crime you will be hooked. This past season dealt with heavy subjects such as bullying and male rape. Some episodes will leave you a complete emotional wreck, but this is another show every American should watch. No matter how difficult it is to watch, American Crime deals with all of the horrible parts that make up America today. You can stream all 10, 45-minute episodes currently on Hulu.

What shows do you think deserve to take home an Emmy this year?

-Janiera Eldridge

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