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Edwardian Farm
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Everyone assuredly knows the general idea of life on the farm: early to bed, early to rise; tractors; roosters; planting and harvesting crops; but what about life on the farm at the turn of the 20th Century? A time when farmers were scratching their heads over new machinations that were leaving their horses and old plows in the Stone Age? Historians Peter Ginn, Alex Langlands, and Ruth Goodman roll up their sleeves and put themselves in the shoes of English farmers in the first years of the 1900s – literally. Dressing the part, living in a genuine, early 1900s farm cottage, spending an entire year in their roles, contending with seasonal changes, and putting their endurance to the test, the three time-traveling scholars see if they have what it takes to complete the back-breaking work early farmers performed on a daily basis.

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