When one episode is not enough!

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So, it’s late on a Friday night and you’re home alone. A buddy of yours texts you and asks if you want to come over to “Netflix and chill.” If you think, “sure I’d love to go over and relax while watching Netflix,” please think again! This phrase is not as innocent as it sounds. The real meaning behind the phrase currently blowing up the internet is pretty shocking.

Teenagers have started an internet based phrase once again, but it’s a lot dirtier than it first appears. Netflix and chill is a slang term for “let’s watch Netflix and have sex” Yes, if you’ve been innocently asking people to Netflix and chill you’re actually asking them for sex. If your friends stopped hanging out with you or started giving you dirty looks, now you know why. The phrase really does ruin the term for people who really did just want to watch Netflix and chill out with their friends and some snacks. It never takes long for sex to creep into things especially technology. The phrase actually started in 2007, but thanks to some popular Facebook memes the phrase is now used by many Netflix watchers looking to do more than simply watch the streaming network.

The next time a buddy of yours calls you to “Netflix and chill,” unless you’re really down for that sort of thing, think carefully before you answer.