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This isn’t a Disney movie, and, alright, maybe I’m exaggerating but Disney did announce this month that they will be pulling all content from Netflix and starting their own streaming service.

What does this mean for Netflix?

It boils down to the fact that there’s a new competitor in the game. Netflix will take the loss of the iconic Disney and Pixar films, as well as the Star Wars and Marvel franchises hard, but hopefully, with the amount of quality original content Netflix has been putting out, it shouldn’t do too much damage. The company’s move to start creating their own content long ago was a very smart move. The executives surely foresaw this happening. You take what you get when you have it, but always be ready for change – and they certainly are.

Luckily, this past week wasn’t all bad news for Netflix. With the bad, comes the good, and as one competitor rose to face them, they simultaneously gained Millarworld, which is a comic book label owned by comic book creator, Mark Millar (and writer of films such as: Wanted, Kick-***). Netflix and Millarworld plan to work together to create several original comic shows and films. Will Millarworld productions hold up to the already established world of Marvel?

I think this is really going to make the top players in the steaming world really compete against each other. I think we should be looking forward to some great original content coming out of Netflix soon, as they fight to compete against the well-established Disney. Netflix will stand up, but what about Amazon Prime, Hulu, and HBO Go? As the new year rolls around, will all these streaming companies be able to thrive alongside each other, or will some of them burn out and crash?

We’ll find out soon.

– Jonna Feavel
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