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The Internet has recently been set ablaze with rumors that the power house, Disney, is trying to buy Netflix. While your initial reaction might be “Great, this is awesome! All the Star Wars, Marvel and Disney movies I want!”, the buy out might be a little more complicated than that. Disney is already a huge powerhouse in the entertainment industry and they have grown even bigger since they accumulated Pixar, Marvel Entertainment and LucasFilm.

Disney has pretty much dominated the box office this year making over $3.5 billion and that was before Doctor Strange hit the box office. Netflix has 86 million subscribers and makes over $6 billion a year. The merger of these two companies would be major, but what does that mean for the consumer? The good news is that subscription prices are likely not to rise anytime soon. Netflix has said their only reason for raising subscription cost was in order to make better original programming. Since Disney would give them all of the money they’d need to create programming, there would be no reason to up the subscription cost.

If you’re a fan of the Marvel or Star War Universe then this will be even more awesome! Marvel shows like Luke Cage and Daredevil are already huge ratings grabbers, if Disney owned Netflix, you can be sure the Marvel fun will never end. Star Wars material would be abundant as well. It sounds great to have all this awesome material in one place, but is this push towards a monopoly really as good as it sounds?

Even though Netflix is not a necessity such as gas or electricity, a monopoly is never a good thing. Netflix and Disney are such powerhouses that they could produce more than enough material on their own to keep you entertained. This could sadly lead to smaller studios being unable to get their work seen by others through Netflix like they currently do. People also worry that other rival studios will stop letting their films be uploaded to Netflix if they see Disney as a threat to their bottom line. Diversification in the film industry is important and if one mega company is controlling all of the filming and producing, things could get stale really quick. No matter how great a monopoly might seem on the surface, someone always gets hurt in the end.

Don’t panic or get too excited yet; this epic merger is still in the rumor mill stage. It will be a good while before we know if this will ever be a reality. For the subscriber, this most likely will be nothing but amazing. For the two companies’ rivals, they might want to be building a strong game plan against them, now!

– Janiera Eldridge
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