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Dexter's Laboratory
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A Cartoon Network classic, this pulpy 1996 animated series gave the cartoon channel its first big win for original content. Created by Genndy Tartokovsky, creator of other big hits such as Samurai Jack, Dexter’s Laboratory (also commonly known as Dexter’s Lab) tells the zany escapades of a red-headed boy genius who secretly operates out of a megalithic, underground laboratory beneath his parents’ home. Dexter routinely scuffles with his older sister, Dee Dee, who is decidedly not as bright as her younger brother, and has a penchant for sneaking into Dexter’s lab and ruining his experiments. Among other adversaries Dexter faces is his rival (and neighbor) Mandrake, a fellow boy genius who also consequently has a secret lab. Whereas Dexter resembles more of the mad scientist who concocts experiments which could aid the world, Mandrake is more of an evil genius, whose experiments could destroy it.

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Time Commitment: 4 Seasons