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If you keep up with the latest trends in the streaming world, you know that Comcast and Netflix have been at each other’s throats for years, so it is shocking to many that all of a sudden the two have joined together to offer their subscribers a new service. Comcast subscribers will now be able to access their Netflix accounts through their TV top sets if they have one of the new cable boxes. This seems completely unnecessary for two reasons.

Number one: most people have smart TVs or Roku boxes by now. This seems like a last-ditch effort for Comcast to stop people from cutting their cable cord. They seem to think that if people can access Netflix (their main competitor) through one of their cable boxes, that will make them more likely to keep their Comcast cable. Considering how cheap Smart TVs are and how inexpensive it is to buy a Roku, it would still be cheaper, in the long run, to ditch your monthly fees and buy a streaming device.

Number two: people are leaving Netflix in droves and there are new cord cutters every day. Making Netflix available through a service that is already dying doesn’t seem like a very good business move. Comcast could just be grasping at straws here, but it seems like a really sad effort to hang on to the cable subscribers they have left.

It doesn’t sound like a good thing for the consumer that these powerhouses are getting together. Netflix was one of the few companies willing to stand up and be vocal about Comcast’s terrible new data caps popping up across American cities. Now, all of a sudden Netflix is working with them to offer their service that is already easily accessible in the first place. I don’t mind the price hike of my Netflix subscription I’ll be experiencing this month because I haven’t experienced a price hike in years due to me being grandfathered in under the old price. A merger between these two major companies does bother me, however. How long will it be before Netflix bows down to the data caps or soon encourages it? Netflix recently rolled out new technology that allows you to stream HD content while using less data. While this seemed like a great thing to do at first along with being an act of defiance against Comcast, now, it just seems like maybe they were doing it to try to catch up with the data caps and make nice with the monster company.

Whatever these companies are up to, I think it is worth keeping an eye on both of these entertainment giants to see what streaming gimmicks they have up their sleeves next. Hopefully, it will all be for the greater good of the consumer.