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Childhood's End
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A SyFy channel miniseries, Childhood’s End took place as a 3-night event on the cable network channel, the miniseries being based on a science fiction novel from 1953, the show is a classic scifi tale, retold on the small screen for modern audiences. When aliens known as the Overlords arrive unexpectedly on Earth, humans begin to question everything they’ve ever known. The Overlords promise peace and a new Utopian way of life for Earth, but when their leader, Karellen (Charles Dance, Game of Thrones, The Imitation Game) reveals himself, bearing a striking resemblance to the Devil – bat wings, horns, and all – some humans believe there is something much more sinister behind what seems to be a world-shaking event that is all too good to be true. As Karellan begins to travel the globe, hand-picking humans as his ambassadors, an eclectic cast comes together to figure out the real reason the aliens have arrived.

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Time Commitment: 1 Season