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In Bonanza, Ben Cartwright (Lorne Green, Battlestar Galactica, The Love Boat) has three sons, each born of a different mother, from a different marriage. Together, the family of Cartwrights runs the Cartwright Ranch just outside Virginia City, Nevada. Each week, Ben and his sons deal with many issues of the contemporary time period including domestic violence, substance abuse, bigotry, environmental issues, and so on.

Bonanza is not considered to be your typical western, such as similar series of the time like Gunsmoke. Instead of focusing on the Wild West itself and all of its pitfalls, Bonanza focuses more intimately on a family living in the Wild West and the problems they deal with within the household. In terms of television history, Bonanza is an absolute classic, marking TV Guide’s 2013 list as one of “The 60 Greatest Dramas of All Time.” Saddle up!

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Time Commitment: 14 Seasons