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Slapped with a Blumhouse Productions brand, horror fans are immediately assured that this original horror-themed game show Hellevator was created especially for them, by names they know and love to be scared by. Hosted by horror’s favorite Twisted Twins, Jen and Sylvia Soska, you can expect the series to be as equally terrifying and exciting as it is aesthetically pleasing to watch. With season two dropping in just a matter of days for a much-anticipated Halloween special there is no time like the present to check out all the thrills that Hellevator and its vicious, vixen co-hosts have to offer.

In the tradition of throwback horror series like MTV’s Fear, Hellevator contestants must face a series of tasks, both solo and with the help of their teammates, (assuming they make it that far), in order to take home a cash prize of up to $50k. Amidst the haunting backstory of the spooky location they are confined within, they must explore and solve puzzles to escape the grasp of murderous legends like H.H. Holmes. As opposed to having days to complete their tasks, the contestants – always three of them – of Hellevator must beat the clock in order to make it to the final labyrinth for a chance to win an additional $20k to their independent task takeaways. Each task gives contestants about five minutes to complete and will put their mental, psychological and physical endurance to the test as they fight to solve their way out of the Slaughter House.

Hellevator was the first of its kind for its network, finally adding the much needed horror factor to the Game Show Network family, tapping into a whole new fanbase of freaks and geeks. Returning for season two on October 7, this year we can look forward to a Halloween special of the series, consisting of four episodes as opposed to the first season’s eight, and with promises from the Soskas of a “Seven Deadly Sins” theme. With Halloween rapidly approaching I can’t help but find myself hoping for a horrifying incorporation of gluttony and candy planted in one of the tasks.

If you love horror, reality TV and/or game shows, than Hellevator is certainly something you will enjoy. Season one is currently streaming on Netflix so you can begin catching up. With a whopping eight episodes that run at approximately 45 minutes per episode you will have plenty of time to binge out on Hellevator before the sinister Soskas return with their snarky wit to both frighten, and entertain us. Although the series is within the horror genre and hosted by two queens of terror, Hellevator is quite family friendly, a pleasant rarity in the fandom of horror. Make sure to check this fun haunted-labyrinth series out.

– Rachael Rumancek
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