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This Sunday, July 17th at 9/8c, Bingeout will be going live with our friends over at Four Eyes Podcasting Network! We’ll be binging the first two episodes of American Horror Story season 2 on Netflix, live with all of you. Here’s how it will happen:

Shortly before the event kicks off, we’ll be hopping on to Twitterfall, a free-to-use Twitter companion site that allows you to filter out all the extra craziness on your timeline and keep it focused on one topic. Once you’re on the site, you’ll be prompted to sign in with your Twitter account and asked to allow the app to run on your account. Then simply enter under the “All Searches” bar #bingeoutlive and you will see a live feed begin to appear on the site with all tweets related to that event. Just make sure to end each tweet with the hashtag #bingeoutlive if you want to join in! Following the event, a winner will be chosen for the best tweet and awarded a prize of a $50 Groupon, later to be announced via the Bingeout Twitter account.

So stay tuned to Bingeout and check out our friends over at Four Eyes Podcasting Network @foureyesnetwork, where they have links to all of their content, including their own live binge watching events.

And remember, 9/8c this Sunday, we’ll be entering AHS’s Asylum together! Bring your straight jackets!