When one episode is not enough!

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With binge watching becoming more and more popular every year, everyone is evaluating whether binge watching is good or bad for you. While rolling out the pros and cons of binge watching, many critics have suggested that binge watching can kill a TV show’s intensity. According to critics, when you’re able to hop from episode to episode you’re not capable of completely digesting all of the emotions in one episode. Apparently, it’s not as big of a shock to you when a popular character dies because you’re quickly able to move on to the next episode and witness the fallout of that characters death.

You might not be as excited about your two lead characters getting together because you can go on to the next episode right away to witness the beginning of their new romance. While I agree that the anticipation of each episode is not as high when you’re binge-watching your favorite show, I don’t believe that binge watching kills a TV show’s intensity. In fact, I think in ways it heightens it! There is no better feeling than being able to instantly roll into another episode when one episode ends in an explosive cliffhanger. You’re still giddy with anticipation, you just get the answers to your most burning questions sooner!

Not to mention, the great thing about binge watching is that you get to notice the little details of a show a lot more. Smaller plot details can be seen better throughout the series when you’re watching episodes back to back. It seems so much easier to be able to relate to characters and connect with them when you can spend several episodes with them uninterrupted. So in short, as an avid binge watcher, a show is just as intense when binge watching it as it is when I watch it weekly. Also, if you find yourself growing bored with a show you’re binge watching, stop watching it after a few episodes and don’t binge watch it until several days later. Problem solved! Happy Streaming!