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Eventbrite released a study that said the average night on the town costs $81 per person. Even if you’re not going on a date, that’s a lot of dough to shell out just to have a good time. The average movie ticket these days on a Saturday night is $10, but if you’re already using at least one streaming service you can have a night of amazing entertainment at home for a fraction of that cost. If you currently have a Netflix subscription like a large segment of America, your entertainment value for one night can cost as low as .36¢. Think about it, if your Netflix subscription is a standard $10.99 a month, you’re only paying .36 cents a night for awesome TV.

With pizza prices being lower than ever, you can order one large pizza for as low as $10 now! If you’re having friends over for your binge watching session, ask them to chip in on the food price. If you order a pizza, maybe they can chip in and buy some hot wings and soda. If you’re ordering Mexican food or Chinese, you can still ask for your friends to chip in on the dinner cost. The goal is to keep everyone’s spending cost down when trying to have a fun night; real friends understand that.

Last, but not least you can also save a ton of money on booze! A fun night of binge watching is never complete without a little bit of spirits. Imagine how much more mind-blowing Stranger Things would be after a few beers! Buying a bottle of wine is way cheaper at your local grocery store than paying for a glass at your favorite restaurant. Beer is always cheaper in a 6-pack as opposed to being served in draft form at your favorite bar. The best part is that the drinks taste exactly the same whether they’re poured in your house or some trendy nightclub.

Ever been to a movie and felt as if it was a complete waste of time? If you choose to binge watch a show or several movies, you’re not obligated to keep watching anything if you don’t like it. You can simply press the stop button and begin looking for something else you enjoy more. If you’re in a theater, you’re most likely going to finish that terrible movie and be very upset that you paid for it. This is one of my favorite features of binge watching.

Whether you want a quiet night at home or a night in with the girls/boys, binge watching is a cheaper and certified way to make sure you get the best entertainment value possible. I’ve personally tested this method and my wallet thanks me for it!

– Janiera Eldridge
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