When one episode is not enough!

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Binge watching is so easy to do. We just grab a snack, a drink, sit down and start consuming our favorite (or new) shows in joyous copious amounts. Binge watching through Netflix, Hulu or even on DVD can last for hours. Let’s face it, no one binge watches standing up. Sitting down for hours can be very unhealthy. You might also be surprised about the other things you’re not doing right when you binge watch.

One of the biggest mistakes people make while binge watching is not staying properly hydrated. You might be drinking a lot of tea, coke or even alcohol while you binge watch but, the only thing that is truly going to keep you hydrated is water. Ice cold water is known to keep you more awake and active longer so, the more ice water you consume, the more binge watching can go down!

The second thing you want to make sure you’re doing is getting up and walking around after every hour of binge watching. This may seem impossible to do when all you have on your mind is the next pulse-pounding episode of Better Call Saul but, your body will thank you later. Walking around is important to your circulation. Sitting for long periods of time can put a lot of stress on your joints and cause poor circulation. Walk around your home or back-yard for 5-10 minutes and you’ll notice an increase in alertness as well.

Last but not least, and this is a strange one, make sure you go to the bathroom. Never hold it. Urinary Tract Infections can be extremely damaging to your health and can lead to a weakened immune system. One of the causes of UTIs are people holding urine in for too long. Yes, this is a gross topic to talk about a long side binge watching, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t know this.

So, if you’re going to binge watch this weekend have fun, but, do it safely!