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Well, it’s Thursday night and you feel totally bored because there’s no Scandal or Grey’s Anatomy on to give you your weekly drama fix. What are you supposed to do? Binge watch something new of course! No, don’t go on Netflix and binge watch seasons 1-10 of Grey’s Anatomy that you’ve already seen, binge watch something new. There is nothing more exciting than falling in love with a new show. Binge watching can be hard to do during the fall season because there is so much good TV on. The summertime is the perfect time to binge watch shows you’ve never seen before, especially during those hot afternoons.

You can binge watch by the pool on your phone or tablet, in the car while you travel to your next vacation destination (when you’re not driving of course) or while relaxing in your home. The great thing about today’s streaming services is that there are so many ways to binge watch show’s that you can practically binge watch everywhere.

Maybe you’re wondering what show you should start binge watching. There are so many shows out there, you may have no idea where to begin. The best thing to do is ask your friends what shows they are currently addicted to. Your friends know you best and they’re more likely to recommend something to watch that you’ll actually enjoy. As you continue to binge watch, Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime will recommend more television shows for you to watch based on shows you’ve already viewed.

Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime are surprisingly accurate in their recommendations and you will soon find your self-spending hours devouring scene after scene of your new favorite shows. Remember, you don’t have to binge watch alone. Invite friends over and serve cocktails while you have a girl’s night in and dive into Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt for the first time. You could also drink a ton of beer and laugh at how crazy Amazon Prime’s black comedy Mad Dogs get. It doesn’t really matter what you watch, if you’re bored with binge watching alone, friends always make binge watching better.

And there you go! There’s no reason to be bored with your TV during the summer. If you’re not out discovering the world this summer, discover some great entertainment through your favorite streaming services.

I recommend binging the following shows if you really want your mind blown this summer: OZ (on Amazon Prime), Hannibal (on Amazon Prime), Grace and Frankie (Netflix), Mad Dogs (Amazon Prime), The Path (Hulu) and 11.22.63 (Hulu).

Tell us the show’s you’ll be binge watching in the comments below and don’t forget to check in daily with as we post great shows for you to watch every day!