This week our staff suggests the following great binge-worthy shows: Tyrant: Drama, GLOW: Comedy, Apparitions: SciFi, and Technological Marvels of the Ancient World: Reality

Drama Binge Of The Week

What The Show’s About:

Tyrant is about a Middle-Eastern man named Bassam “Barry” Al-Fayeed who is born to a tyrannical ruler in the fictional city of Abbudin. He escapes his father and older brother and runs away from his heritage, ending up in the United States as a pediatrician, marrying an American woman and having children. Feeling as though his past is behind him, Barry is called back to Abbudin for his nephew’s wedding, when soon after, his father suddenly dies and Barry is forced into an intense political battle over his successor. Barry must now guide his equally tyrannical older brother to a more peaceful rule in order to avoid a horrific war.

A 2014 FX family/political drama, Tyrant ran for three seasons up until 2016, after which FX cancelled the series. Filming took place in Israel, Morocco, and Turkey, adding to the credibility of the exotic locations for this otherwise all-American TV show. While the show holds some irrelevancy due to its cancellation, Tyrant remains a poignant series in the drama genre.

Available on Hulu, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu, and Playstation

Time Commitment: 3 Seasons

Comedy Binge Of The Week

What The Show’s About:

GLOW is the brand new comedy-drama series from Netflix. Set in 1980s Los Angeles, GLOW follows struggling actress Ruth Wilder (Alison Brie, Mad Men, Community) who responds to a strange invitation asking for women to become part of an all-women wrestling league. Finding herself amongst a dozen other women, Ruth finds she must nail yet another audition and find her own persona as a member of the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling league.

Created by producers and writers Liz Flahive (Nurse Jackie, Homeland) and Carly Mensch (Weeds, Orange Is The New Black), the producing duo stated they wanted to take a fun concept for a show about female wrestling, but also wanted to ask the question if the 1980s saw a better social atmosphere for women after the 1970s Woman’s Liberation Movement. And did the very real 1986 GLOW women’s wrestling league empower women or exploit them?

Available on Netflix

Time Commitment: 1 Season

Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Binge Of The Week

What The Show’s About:

Apparitions is a BBC One drama that sees a priest called Father Jacob who works to canonize miracles described in the Bible, but also performs exorcisms when called upon. Father Jacob soon learns that not only does he have to send demons back to Hell, he may very well be needed to keep them there as he finds a deeper conflict brewing between Good and Evil. For fans of biblical-based shows such as Dominion and movies the likes of The Da Vinci Code and The Prophecy, Apparitions is sure to please.

Apparitions is a more religiously accurate portrayal of exorcisms and possessions apart from other fictional shows covering fire and brimstone demonic conflicts. Also taking a historical approach to accounts of events occurring in Christian and Abrahamic religions, Apparitions sees the war between Heaven and Hell continuing into modern times.

Available on TubiTV

Time Commitment: 1 Season


What The Show’s About:

Technological Marvels of the Ancient World details the many discoveries made concerning ancient technology that often stumps archeologists and historians as being highly advanced for a pre-conceived intellectually inferior people of our ancient past.

Technological Marvels of the Ancient World chronicles subjects from ancient warfare technology such as Greek Fire, ancient power sources such as the Baghdad Battery, and ancient computing devices the likes of the Antikythera Mechanism which may have been used to calculate the movement of stars and planets seen in the skies of Ancient Greece. A fascinating and enlightening binge-watch, Technological Marvels of the Ancient World demonstrates the underrated knowledge of technology and innovation our ancient ancestors possessed.

Available on Hulu and Amazon Video

Time Commitment: 1 Season