When one episode is not enough!


This week our staff suggests the following great binge-worthy shows: Younger: Drama, Doc Martin: Comedy, Ice Fantasy: SciFi, and Long Strange Trip: Reality

Drama Binge Of The Week

What The Show’s About:

Younger is a TV Land drama that sees Sutton Foster (The Angriest Man in Brooklyn, Bunheads) as Liza, a divorced 40-something woman whose husband’s gambling debts have left her financially unstable, barely able to support herself, much less her teenage daughter who studies abroad in India. When Liza decides to follow her dreams she had in college, Liza goes into publishing, starting at the bottom. When Liza meets 26-year-old tattoo artist, Josh, she gets help from her best friend Maggie to give herself a makeover to look more like her new, young acquaintances. Now posing as a 26-year-old assistant at a publishing office, Liza will have to fake it to make it.

Also starring Hilary Duff as Liza’s new 20-something co-worker and Miriam Shor (The Good Wife, Damages) as Liza’s new boss, Younger has largely been received favorably by critics, acquiring a 99% fresh accumulated rating on Rotten Tomatoes with an 88% audience approval rating. Younger is praised by the review aggregation site for writer Darren Star’s “witty writing” and Sutton Foster’s charisma, elevating the show above other sitcoms from the network.

Available on Hulu, iTunes, Vudu, Playstation, Xbox, and Google Play

Time Commitment: 4 Seasons

Comedy Binge Of The Week

What The Show’s About:

Doc Martin is a British comedy-drama originally airing on ITV in 2004, with its Eighth Series scheduled to premiere in Fall 2017, a ninth and final series scheduled for 2018. Doctor Marin Ellingham is a successful surgeon in London who suddenly develops haemophobia (an intense fear of blood) that makes him violently nauseous. Martin reluctantly quits his practice and obtains a general practitioner’s license, moving to the quiet countryside town of Portwenn. Martin’s terrible bedside manner, brutal honesty, and un-relinquishing professionalism even outside of his office, rub many of the simple townsfolk the wrong way. Though as Martin continues to save lives and happily treat the people of Portwenn, despite his condition, the town’s respect grows for him.

Starring Doctor Who alum, Martin Clunes, Doc Martin has gone on to become a ratings success in the UK, the British comedy series offering plenty of dry wit and humor that has come to be expected by many British-style comedies.

Available on Acorn TV, Netflix, Hulu, Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, and Vudu

Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Binge Of The Week

What The Show’s About:

Ice Fantasy is a Chinese fantasy epic series based on the best-selling novel, “City of Fantasy” by Guo Jingming. In Ice Fantasy, when the second prince of the Fire Tribe is mysteriously killed during a visit to the Ice Tribe, the Fire King is enraged and declares a second war on the Ice Tribe. On the precipice of devastation for both sides, the two remaining Ice Princes set out on a journey to the mortal realm in order to obtain six ice crystals, which can be used to restore the Ice Wall in hopes of saving the their tribe.

With the Season One containing 62 episodes, each averaging 45 minutes in runtime, Ice Fantasy is truly an epic, fantasy series with beautiful visuals and special effects, along with a story fans of such films as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and House of Flying Daggers should thoroughly enjoy. In March 2017, a 16-episode sequel series began airing titled Ice Fantasy Destiny, offering even more to look forward to after finishing the first season.

Available on Netflix

Time Commitment: 1 Season


What The Show’s About:

Long Strange Trip is a 2017 Amazon Original docuseries detailing the life and times of the band, The Grateful Dead. When it initially premiered at Sundance Film Festival, Long Strange Trip was a 4-hour film, however Amazon decided to break it up into a season-long series comprised of six acts, each around an hour long, making for a bingeable docuseries. From the band’s inception in 1965 to the questionable decision by the members to turn down offers of superstardom in order to find success their own way, Long Strange Trip follows one of the most enigmatic rock bands in years.

With Hollywood elite director, Martin Scorsese acting as executive producer and joined by the son of the original Grateful Dead drummer producing, Long Strange Trip also features interviews with current surviving members of the band, who give their own accounts of events. For fans of docuseries and music alike, Long Strange Trip is a must see.

Available on Amazon Prime

Time Commitment: 1 Season