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Monday, February 27th at 8/7c we’ll be binging out on Netflix‘s new original comedy series, Santa Clarita Diet starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant. We, the Binge Out writers will be on Twitter using #bingeoutlive to discuss while we binge, what is said to be a “marital comedy with a heart”.

Santa Clarita Diet follows Joel and Sheila Hammond, two husband and wife realtors who seemingly have the perfect life together with their daughter and dream home. But when Sheila suddenly dies and comes back with a voracious appetite for human flesh, Joel and Sheila decide to “make it work”. With plenty of blood and gore for horror fans and witty comedy to lighten the mood, Santa Clarita Diet is yet another original series hit from the streaming giant.

So mark your calendars and join the Binge Out team for a night of body parts, laughs, and discussion on Twitter.