When one episode is not enough!

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Now, this may not the original ‘Being Human,’ series, but, in this case, I am completely hypocritical. In all actuality, I prefer it over the initial English series. Although to be fair, there is one MAJOR factor that England didn’t have whilst casting; Sam Huntington (Detroit Rock City, FANBOYS). He is cute, he is badass, totally awkward, and hilarious. Don’t believe me? One episode is all it takes. If he doesn’t have you slapping your knees and cracking up by the end, then there is just no hope left for you. Sorry, I don’t make the rules… I just enjoy breaking them.

Apart from having one of the most comedic B-movie actors I have seen yet to date, it also stars Sam Witwer, best known (to horror geeks anyhow), for his roles in ‘Dexter’ and ‘The Mist.’ As well as some other amazing talents such as; Mark Pellegrino (Lost, Supernatural), Meaghan Rath (New Girl, Cyberbully), and lastly, the ever GREAT, super sexy, and uber talented, Katharine Isabelle, (American Mary, Ginger Snaps). Now, if you call yourself a horror fan and are not yet familiar with who this scream queen is, I suggest you find yourself at the next movie store pronto.

There are many reasons I consider this a truly “binge-worthy show,” and please, trust me, I am far more particular and A.D.D. than my eleven-year-old niece is, (trust, it takes her 20 godforsaken minutes to wash a single f*cking fork). “Being Human,” is a perfect compilation of the supernatural, the occult, and embarrassingly enough, romantic-comedy (judge me if you must). If you are anything like me, it’s kind of a great mix to have in a show. Another of my favorite points about this series was that it resolved perfectly, after four heart, and groin, pounding seasons. It did not run on, it didn’t steer into a new direction, and it didn’t bore you into shutting it off before it’s resolution. Too many times we see a great show destroyed (don’t ask which ones, I recommend, I do not review) by overstaying its welcome and dragging out the storyline; ruining whatever made it so f*cking great, to begin with.

If you continue to run on with the series because it’s popular and makes a quick buck, chances are you have begun the process of sacrificing the pieces that made up its cult following. I call that studio greed, and it has been the culprit in many, many other unfortunate series.

Although I would group this series into the horror/sci-fi genre, it is not especially terrifying. Which makes this show enjoyable for most age groups. Unless censorship is your things than there are some pretty sexual moments you may want to shield your little mouth-breathers eyes from. Otherwise, this show originally aired on cable, on the ‘SyFy’ channel, making it reasonably tame for wider audiences. I suggest you cozy up on the couch, mix a mean cocktail, and be prepared to call out of work until you have completed all fifty-two episodes.

Currently Streaming On: Netflix
Number of Episodes: 52
Approximate Duration: 39 hours

Written By Rachael (Hein) Rumancek