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Do you love BBC shows like Luther and Orphan Black? Well, you may be getting the streaming experience of a lifetime soon. The BBC is looking into building a Netflix like streaming service. The only bad thing is that the service will only be available in the UK according to a report done by The Telegraph. The service would be built with the help of ITV which is BBC’s commercial rival in Great Britain. The service would stream its show through the BBC’s iPlayer to its users.

The BBC’s main revenues come from an annual television licensing fee. Every household, company or organization that has the equipment to receive or record broadcast television has to pay this fee which is set by the British government. The BBC is the world’s oldest and biggest national broadcasting company, but even they realize that less and fewer people are watching broadcasting TV. The BBC is recognizing that people are spending more time with pick-and-and play subscriptions then buying bundled content like a cable package. The BBC’s Charter renewal Culture Secretary John Whitingdale called for the corporation to find other forms of revenue. Additional subscription services were listed as one of those new forms of revenue that the BBC needs to pursue. The government is also encouraging the move as well.

The Telegraph also reported that the service would be called Britflix. If they were to use this name, it’s apparent that they’d want to be in direct competition with Netflix. The BBC will also create original content like Netflix’s House of Cards or Making a Murderer. The BBC has yet to make an official announcement about their move forward into the streaming world, but all of the current signs point to “Brtitflix” being on the horizon.

What do you think? Do you think a British Netflix is a good idea? Do you think it should be international instead of just in Britain?