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This Friday, September 22nd, Battlestar Galactica is returning to the small screen. Now before we get ahead of ourselves, no this will not be another reboot, revival, or continuation of the series, as we have seen recently with other franchise revivals (see. Twin Peaks, Fuller House). No, instead this will be the 2000s Battlestar Galactica re-running every episode in celebration of SyFy’s 25 years as a network. The whole 4-hour miniseries will air Friday, Sept. 22nd at 8/7 CST, then on Saturday, SyFy will air the show’s first season at 6/5 CST. The series’ entire 76 episodes and miniseries will also be available on-demand for 30 days beginning on September 22nd.

The Battlestar Galactica marathon is only part of a larger, overall plan from the network to celebrate science-fiction in general, according to a statement released by the network.

Also on schedule for the network’s 25th anniversary celebration month:

Advisory Council: SYFY has convened an Advisory Council of diverse leading voices in the genre, from creators to influencers to on-screen stars and more, to provide guidance for the network as it embraces its renewed commitment to science fiction and fandom at large. Current members include: Carlton Cuse, Grant Morrison, Patton Oswalt, Luc Besson, DC Entertainment President and Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, author and editor Bonnie Burton, Adam Savage, John Barrowman, Orlando Jones and Jamie Broadnax (Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Black Girl Nerds).

SYFY25 Screening Series: SYFY and Alamo Drafthouse have partnered for the SYFY25 Screening Series, a fun-filled retrospective of genre classics taking place in theaters around the country, including:

o September 2: A one-night-only campout celebration of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” at the base of Devil’s Tower National Monument in

o September 10: Livestream event broadcast from Dallas City Hall of “RoboCop,” including a live conversation and Q&A with the original RoboCop
himself, Peter Weller.

o September 14: Special 30th anniversary presentation of director Sam Raimi’s beloved “Evil Dead 2,” shown deep in the woods at an outdoor
screening in Austin, complete with a live Q&A with star Bruce Campbell immediately following the show.

Reddit Partnership: SYFY will head to where the fans debate and dissect news from the sci-fi world, partnering with Reddit on an AMA series, SYFY AMA: Geeking Out With…. The series will feature genre legends and leaders in the space, giving fans the opportunity to engage directly with the people who shape the content they love. The network will also team with Reddit on a SYFY25: Sci-Fi Gift Exchange that will pair users with a fellow science fiction-lover for a secret present swap – one user will even be matched with Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian.

FANfare On-Air and Online: Finally, sci-fi and SYFY fans will see themselves celebrated across all SYFY platforms, with on-air content featuring real fan testimonials, anthems and odes to the genre and more, giving fans the spotlight and the microphone like never before. SYFY’s genre news site SYFY WIRE will take a look back at the genre with retrospectives, countdowns and op-ed pieces, while also inviting fans to share their own thoughts. Features will include daily curated lists of the best of the genre, from the “top fantasy movies of the last 25 years” to the “top characters we love to hate” to the “top sci-fi haircuts.”

The network will be keeping busy with what almost seems like a soft revamp – underlined, updated mission statements and all.

Are you a fan of the Battlestar Galactica reboot series? Sound off below if you’ll be staying in Friday night for the marathon!

– Josh Price
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