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Batman: The Animated Series
90%Overall Score
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What is considered to be a modern day, animated classic by many, Batman: The Animated Series (later changed to The Adventures of Batman and Robin) is a classic animation franchise not to miss for any fans of the Dark Knight. Taking inspiration from Tim Burton’s live-action 1989 noir-esque comic book adaption, Batman, and subsequently, 1992’s Batman Returns, Batman: TAS borrows heavily from the darker, gothic aesthetics established in Burton’s universe. Following millionaire playboy, Bruce Wayne (voiced by renown voice actor, Kevin Conroy) and his nocturnal activities as Gotham City’s feared vigilante, Batman, the show packs a wallop with plenty of easter eggs, villains, and other character cameos from the comic book lore and mythology of the character. Occasionally joined by the Boy Wonder, Robin, and the emboldened Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, Batman takes on Gotham City’s worst of the worst. This is a show definitely worth the binge.

Time Commitment: 4 Seasons