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Apple recently unveiled their newest video streaming system update which is an app called TV. If you’ve ever felt like you need one comprehensive search system that will allow you to find great content all in one place, TV might be it. The app will help you find all of their highly watched content across multiple streaming outlets in one place. TV will also help you find new content to watch based on your previous streaming history.

Last year, Apple TV updated their interface and included Siri into their Apple TV in order to start making voice commands available. Now with a clearer interface and voice commands, you can also find all of your streaming content in one app quickly. Streaming services involved in this app include HBO Now, Hulu, Showtime and many others. Noticeably absent from this list is the streaming giant Netflix. This leaves a lot of questions as to how comprehensive this service can truly be when so much content will be missing. It’s kind of surprising that Netflix would opt out of using this service, as their search results can be a bit cumbersome. However, Netflix not merging with too many companies is also what seems to keep them top dog.

When you click on your selection through this app, it will automatically open up the streaming service so you can watch it. Apple also has a single sign in feature so, when you sign in to Apple TV, you also sign in to all of your streaming content at once.

Even better is the live component to TV as well. You will be able to download apps of network channels and watch live broadcasts. If you pay for the ESPN app, you will be able to watch that channel through TV.

Apple also announced that you will be able to combine apps together for a better viewing experience. Twitter employees were able to chat with each other through a side-bye-side picture mixed with NFL live. The Apple TV app will be free when it debuts this December. It is important to know that you will only be able to watch streaming services on the TV app that you pay for. It will not automatically make streaming services free.

What do you think about this update to Apple TV? Will you be using the TV app and does Netflix being left out effect whether you will use it or not? It would be amazing if the Roku stick adopted this kind of technology. If Apple TV is successful, other streaming hardware may also adopt this new tool for a better streaming experience.

– Janiera Eldridge
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