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American Gothic (1995)
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Here at Binge Out, we already showcased 2016’s new dark drama from CBS, American Gothic. However, this wasn’t the firs time the network broadcasted a show with the same title. Back in 1995, Sam Raimi of Hercules and Xena TV fame, co-created another, unrelated, dark drama of the same name. American Gothic in 1995 is about a corrupt and possibly straight up evil sheriff (Gary Cole, Office Space) who is secretly a murderer and a rapist. Lucas Buck oversees his sheriff’s department and may have ties to supernatural powers as well. Sheriff Buck murders one of his sexual assault victims, who happens to have had his son. After also manipulating the boy’s father into committing suicide, Sheriff Buck adopts the child and begins to raise him in his own image. The show also stars Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story) and Bruce Campbell (The Evil Dead).

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