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America Unearthed
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Forensic geologist Scott Wolter explores mysteries, artifacts and relics to reveal a history of the North American continent not taught in school.

Description Info
Title America Unearthed
Cast Scott Wolter Himself – Host (18 episodes, 2012-2014)
Larry Yazzie Judaculla (The Appalachian Giant)/Mayan Priest/Native American Trader/Native American Warrior/Southwestern Native American (5 episodes, 2012-2014)
Mike Arbuthnot Himself (3 episodes, 2013-2014)
Jon Foss Bank customer/Farmer/Knight (3 episodes, 2013-2014)
Genres History
Plot In AMERICA UNEARTHED, forensic geologist Scott Wolter, will try to reveal that the history we all learned in school may not always be the whole story…
IMDB Rating 5.5
Runtime 60