When one episode is not enough!

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OK zombie fans, AMC will air an 88-hour binge watching session of the critically acclaimed show The Walking Dead! The marathon will begin on Sunday, October 16th at 7am EST. The first two seasons will be played back to back with no interruptions between episodes. On October 16th, a retrospective re-cap show will air that will feature never before seen interviews with the cast and producers.

Starting Tuesday, October 18th, the following four seasons will be aired each day starting at 6pm onwards. Season 6 will actually be finishing up the same evening as the start of the season 7 premiere on October 23rd, that nail-biting cliffhanger will finally be solved!

Of course, if you have Netflix, you can watch seasons 1-6 without commercial interruptions just in time for what is sure to be a show stopping season premiere!

This marathon is perfect to celebrate the 20th anniversary of AMC’s FearFest celebration. During this festival you can binge watch movies such as Halloween, Alien, Friday the 13th and the Child’s Play series. It’s Halloween season so there are plenty of horror marathons going on all over television, be sure to check back at bingeout.com for alerts on the latest creepy marathons airing on TV.