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Ally McBeal
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Before she was taking names and kicking *** at her own media conglomerate, CatCo, and talking down to office assistant, Kara Danvers on CW’s DC TV series, Supergirl, Calista Flockhart was playing a lawyer in a different kind of office in 1997’s Ally McBeal on Fox. McBeal is a young woman practicing in Boston, at the fictional Cage and Fish firm, having recently broken up with her boyfriend and leaving a previous firm. What Ally McBeal doesn’t realize is that she’s immediately set up to work with her ex and his new girlfriend, a high-tension love triangle quickly forming. Cage and Fish isn’t your typical law firm; there’s a unisex bathroom, co-workers typically date within the office, and the co-founding lawyer, Richard Fish, has a fetish for the fleshy parts of roosters’ beaks. Weird right?

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Time Commitment: 5 Seasons