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Have you thought of ways to make streaming Netflix better? Maybe you don’t know how. In the days where movies are available at the snap of a finger, it’s important to know tips and tricks that will enhance your experience. Here are 5 Must Know Netflix Hacks:

1. Find Exactly What You Want
The Netflix ID Bible is available to any streamer on What’s On Netflix. This comprehensive guide comes equipped with codes for each sub-genre you could think of under the broad genres. All you do is type the URL they offer and punch in the number at the end of the URL and boom!

There you have it! Knowing these hacks will take your binging to a whole new level.

2. Never miss a second, even if you fall asleep!
Netflix recently curated a pair of socks for the serious binger. These socks have a built-in sensor technology that automatically pauses whatever show you’re watching if you fall asleep. This way you’ll never miss a beat, and you can calmly fall asleep to your favorite TV shows!

3. Fix Buffering Issues
The Netflix buffering issues are borderline tear jerking when you’re in the middle of a show. There’s a solution to that problem, too! For a TV, grab your remote or controller and follow this: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, up, up, up, up, this will open a help screen, just slam that reload Netflix option! On a Mac hold shift + option (or alt on Windows), and click (left click on Windows). This will bring up the Stream Manager, which allows you to adjust buffering speeds.

4. Get ratings, trailers, and other freebies
Ratings and trailers are important when we want to see a new movie, how’s about adding that feature to Netflix content? With Netflix Enhancer you have access to Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb ratings right at the palm of your fingertips. Take that, DirecTV!

5. Rate everything for best recommendations
Why scour the internet for shows you’re interested in when Netflix can do the work? Rate everything you watch; if it was two minutes of a crappy movie, give it a bad rating! And not only will it trigger your recommendations, but according to TheVerge, Netflix has taken a regional approach to its recommendation technology. So now if you give Sharknado one star, people in other countries won’t have to see that and vice versa.

– Leo Rydel
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