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In Misfits, Nathan, Kelly, Simon, Alisha, and Curtis are troubled teens who were all sentenced to do community service for petty crimes. They’re not expecting much from their community service, it will mostly likely be boring and pointless. However, one freak thunderstorm will change all of these kid’s lives forever. During an afternoon lightening storm, all of the kids are struck by lightening. After what seems to be an electric and frightening experience, their community service project will be anything but boring. The lightening gave all of the five very different teens strange super powers. Going through a boring community service experience will be the last thing on these teen’s mind.

It’s not long until the group discovers that there are others that have been given strange powers and they may not be too safe around them. Their new powers reveal long-hidden secrets and feelings that may have stayed buried otherwise. Unfortunately, their new strange abilities will cause them to form and break relationships way beyond their control. These 12 weeks of community service will have them wishing they had walked the straight and narrow.

Misfits got critical acclaim for having unconventional characters that weren’t particularly likable. You have to stay with the show closely to develop a relationship with the characters, but they’re so entertaining to watch that you’re more than willing to stick through the annoying parts. Even though the series involves teens, I’d only let older teens watch this show due to its mature nature. Keep in mind, the characters in this show are juvenile delinquents so they’re not the most upstanding kids in the world. They often curse, use very crude language, drink and have sex when possible. Misfits is fun for its unapologetic depiction of dark humor, but for a young teen, it could be a bad influence.

For older teens and young adults, Misfits is a high powered thrill ride with a message that just because people think your bad, doesn’t mean you have to stay that way. You can stream all 37 episodes (5 seasons in total) that are 45 minutes each on Hulu.