When one episode is not enough!

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It’s officially the fall season which means cooler weather and more in door time to fall in love with your next binge watch. Hopefully, you’ll find something here at bingeout.com that you’ll easily get hooked. However, to make a binge watching session complete you have the proper accessories for a fun and comfortable marathon session. Here are 5 must haves for the fall binge watching season:

1. A hot drink of any kind – Coffee, tea, butterscotch rum (an adult beverage you won’t be sorry for Googling), these are all must have drinks for when you’re hunkering down to watch your favorite show. It will keep you warm and awake.

2. Chocolate- Does this one really need an explanation? Chocolate keeps marathon watching delicious and satisfying because who doesn’t love chocolate? If there’s a type of chocolate that reminds you of the show you’re about to binge watch, buy that chocolate for a more immersive show watching experience!

3. A soft blanket- This time of year can get really chilly, so it’s ideal to have a soft and luxurious blanket you can snuggle up under during your long TV show watching experience. If the show is worthy of watching, you won’t fall asleep. Along with feeling comfortable, you will also save money by not turning your heat on. More money, means more binge watching snacks!

4. Comfy pillows-Whether you’re sitting straight up on your couch or laying down while watching TV, having a comfortable pillow to support your head can make all the difference in avoiding achy neck cramps.

These are just the basic must haves for having a comfy, cozy fall binge watching experience. What are items you must have while streaming TV?