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I very rarely watch reality shows because let’s face it, there’s nothing real about them. I’m not sure what possessed me to watch Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn, but there was something about this show that drew me in. After watching the first few episodes, I can honestly say that I wasn’t sorry for watching this reality series and you won’t be either. Here are three reasons why Family Therapy With Dr. Jenn is a must watch reality show:

1. The issues are real.

Dr. Jenn has gathered together five families with serious issues who really need help. Sister Patterson and Tiffany “New York” Pollard have a fiery mother and daughter relationship. Bam Margera and his mother April Margera have a strained relationship because of Bam’s wild drinking and drug use. One of the craziest families involved is Exes Dina and Michael Lohan who absolutely loathe each other, but are trying to make it work for the sake of their children. That’s just the beginning! All of the situations these families are going through are extremely relatable. I can’t say whether or not your family has issues as extreme as these do, but I dare you to not connect with one of these families’ problems.

2. The drama is constant.

Let’s be honest; a good reality show relies completely on good drama. Whether real or fake (and the drama does feel very real by the way), there is always something going on. With the many reality shows I’ve experimented with, there are often some pretty dull moments. Sometimes there are entire episodes with nothing going on and then BOOM the drama bursts open! With Family Therapy, there is always a dramatic moment happening whether it’s between the relatives in the families, between the immediate families themselves or between the families and the therapist. Things often become extremely heated between the therapist and the families because as the therapy goes deeper, emotions grow stronger. Not everyone wants to change their behavior right away!

3. The emotions feel genuine…most of the time.

I’ve watched entire reality shows where none of the emotions feel real. Although some of the drama is clearly made up, the emotions spilled during the therapy sessions really do feel genuine. Dr. Jenn does a great job at stopping the yelling and screaming and getting down to the heart of the family issues. This is truly what kept me watching the series because even though some of the things felt staged, the heart of their issues felt very real.

What was hard to grasp was that these D-list celebrities were willing to put all their darkest moments out in the open. You have to keep in mind that even though these issues are real, these are people that will do just about anything to be famous. Given this fact, I don’t feel bad about watching this show and being completely entertained by it.

You can stream all 10, 45-minute episodes of Family Therapy With Dr. Jenn on Hulu right now. Be sure to tell us below what reality show is your favorite!

– Janiera Eldridge
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