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Netflix has a slew of movies in its catalog, but it is sadly not known for having the best horror library. Netflix does however, have a few hidden gems in their library that would make for a great horror movie binge watching session this Halloween season! Here are three horror movie gems you can binge watch on Netflix right now:


1. The Invitation: If you like a slow boiling film that then bursts into a pure disaster, The Invitation is for you! This is more of psychological horror film with a stellar cast than an out-and-out gore fest. The dialogue is extremely smart and absorbing. There are no in-your-face moments until the last 20 minutes and the shocking conclusion will leave you with your mouth wide open. If you feel like this movie is boring or slow at any point, hang in there, because it is about to get a whole lot crazier and makes the experience worth the watch.


2. Devil: You may think a movie about a bunch of people being stuck in an elevator is a waste of time, but its actually one of the most fun horror films I’ve ever seen. Devil follows 5 people in an elevator as they slowly get killed off. While they work hard to find out who the killer is, they soon realize that the murderer might be more supernatural than human. This movie is extremely suspenseful and has many exciting plot twists. To tell you any more about the plot would give the entire movie away so, just watch it and be prepared for the big ending.


3. JeruZalem: This is a very unique zombie film. 2 American girls take a trip to the holy city of Jerusalem and then end up in the middle of an apocalypse with fierce creatures roaming the city. For an independent film, the creatures are extremely well done. The zombies are nightmarish and pretty original in their appearance. The film takes a little too long to get to the interesting parts, but when it does, it’s a wild ride! Anyone looking for an unusual horror film needs to check this movie out stat.

So, there you have it, 3 lesser-known horror films you can binge watch just in time for Halloween. What are some excellent, but underrated horror films you’ve come across in in your streaming adventures? Let us know in the comments below!

– Janiera Eldridge
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